Top Five Reasons A Property Sells 


  1. Property Location – Neighborhood desirability is fundamental to home value.


  1. Home Condition – This is very important to Buyers, affecting your sales price and speed of sale.


  1. Your Realtor – How diligently does your Realtor market your home to potential buyers and other agents?


  1. Market Conditions – Home supply vs. demand, your competition, buyers’ needs, interest rates, and the general state of the economy.


  1. PRICE, PRICE, PRICE – It is said that “when you choose your price, you choose your competition.”  The market will ultimately price your home, but the price you set is the most significant factor in how quickly and successfully you sell.  Since you will generally have the most showing activity during the first 30-45 days, it is important that your home is priced competitively.  Prospective buyers DO comparison shop, and are aware of the pricing and value of available homes.  If potential purchasers feel the price of one home is too high, they will move on to the next one.  Price can overcome objections to location and condition.



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