The PRIME Marketing System

PRIME Marketing is our exclusive, full-service marketing system that is designed to sell your property in any real estate market for just a 1.5% listing fee*.

We use the latest technologies to create a worldwide marketing campaign for your property. Then we follow it up with strong negotiating and taking care of the details all the way to closing day.

Property Website


We create a custom website designed just for your property. It looks great on every device and is the foundation of the marketing of your home. It is loaded with beautiful photography, all of the home's details, as well as maps, and school and neighborhood information. Buyers can even schedule tours right from the site.

Website Features:

Up to 100 high resolution photos
Displays 3D and other virtual tours
School information
Local amenities information
Demographic information
Mapping and directions
Bird's eye and satellite views
Home tour scheduling


 Beautiful Photography

First impressions matter and photos are the first things a Buyer sees! That makes great photography a must. To showcase your home, we feature large photos that are sharp and bright, and look great anywhere a Buyer sees them.


 3D Walkthrough Showcase


Just imagine being able to immerse yourself in a home without actually having to be there!  This is the essence of Matterport's innovative, 3D experience. 

In real estate, images are a crucial selling point.  They can make or break a home’s perception to potential buyers. A 3D "Walkthrough Showcase" enhances the marketability of a listing by providing an experience that static photography cannot match. It provides an engaging way of showing every room from multiple perspectives in a crisp, detailed, and realistic manner.  



 Worldwide Internet Marketing

In addition to our local BLC listing service, your property will appear on hundreds of the leading real estate websites and portals around the world. No matter where they are in the world, if a Buyer is looking for a home online they can find your property. Every week, you will receive a report showing how many Buyers visited your property website.

Key Areas Around The World


Social Media Marketing


We run a full campaign featuring your property on all the major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter and Youtube. Every week we show you how many buyers from these networks visited your property's website.


 Retargeting Ad Campaign

Buyers who viewed your property online will continue to see it advertised for a few days on the websites and social networks they visit. It is a great way to keep your property "top of mind" and encourage a second look from a prospective Buyer.




Offer Countdown

When an offer is received on your property, the "countdown to offer" review time begins. It gives other interested Buyers a chance to submit their competing offers before the deadline.  Everyone will know that it is the last call for offers!


Text Message Marketing

Our eco-friendly Text Flyers instantly show buyers all the photos and details just by texting the listing number. We can chat with buyers, set up tours, and alert them about Open Houses all in real time.


   Showing Feedback

Our automated system surveys Buyers and Agents that have toured your property and asks them for their impressions of the exterior, interior, price, and more. Every time we received this feedback, we immediately send it to you.


 Weekly Performance Report

Every week we send you a report about your marketing activity. We will show you how many Buyers from around the world viewed your property's website; how many people toured the home in person; and what social networks saw the most activity.


 Permanent Smart Flyer 

Our permanent "Smart Flyers" are bigger htan paper flyers.  They never run out or get soggy when it rains or snows. They feature large photos and lots of details about your property. Buyers can text for even more information and photos.

Smart Flyer Features:

Large, high quality photos
Never runs out
Text code for more info
Website link
Analytics for responses




Open House

If you desire, we can host an Open House that is promoted on all the major real estate websites. We follow up with all the Buyers that attended the Open House, which makes it a great way to quickly get feedback on the property. 


 Free Staging Consultation

A home that shows well to Buyers in person and online is extremely important, so we offer you a free staging consultation with a staging expert. The Cascade Team's Nancy Schulte and Susan Berry are both Accredited Staging Professionals (ASPs).  We will visit your home and give you plenty of advice and tips to help make your home stand out from the competition when it debuts on the market.


This Is What A 1.5% Listing Commission Means To You!*

For example, if your home is worth $350,000, you'll save between $7,000 - $10,500 in commissions, compared to what is charged by traditional, 6%-7% real estate brokerages...and YOU WILL GIVE UP NOTHING in terms of service!

*Minimum $3,500 Commission.  Our 4% Commission includes a standard, 3% Buyer's Agent Commission. 


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